Blockearth Whitepaper 1.0
A blockchain game gateway
We believe the blockchain should be invisible in our games. We use simple game mechanics that all players can enjoy, whether or not they consider themselves to be blockchain pros.
Free To Play, Play To Earn Users get rewarded for their engagement and enjoyment. A Metaverse combining Decentralized Finance and Games creating an ecosystem where developers, players, and collectors come together in one world. Owned by Players Players get true ownership of their in-game assets. Utilizing the power of NFTs, assets you earn in games are owned by the player and lives forever on the blockchain. Added-value for NFTs Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem. With a focus on NFT interoperability, assets can be used in multiple games at the same time, creating a whole new world of fun.
Blockearth platform is a new and engaging one stop shop for all your cryptocurrency needs governed by the community. By combining an easy on-board process, exciting games for users to enjoy, intuitive portfolio analysis and the most up-to-date opinions from the wider community will be the first ever platform built with you in mind
We’re looking to fundamentally change how people perceive blockchain games and bring the values that blockchain can bring.
Blockearth Ecosystem
The Blockearth ecosystem includes 4 distinctive systems that provide a unique platform where amateurs and those new to crypto a gateway to benefit from everything that blockchain has to offer.
Blockearth platform
Barrier to entry is the biggest issue the blockchain industry faces. With a simple to use design, Blockearth wallet uses a simple on-boarding process to decrease the barrier for new users to join the future of decentralization. Supporting decentralized and centralized wallets in one, users can view all their precious assets in one sleek interface.
Designed to disrupt the free to play game industry with a unique token structure, GameFi will allow users to mine NFTs to be used in the Blockearth metaverse. GameFi will fuse NFTs with Yield Farming to provide users with the first ever Free to Play to Earn ecosystem.
Community (DAO)
Seeking knowledgeable predictions in the crypto community is a needle in a haystack. Constructed with the goal of providing a platform for users to gain credible market insights from community professionals
The BLET token is the digital utility token of the BLET Games ecosystem. It is cryptographically secured and native to the BLET Games ecosystem. BLET is transferable between users, and they have full control over how to use it. BLET powers the BLET Games Ecosystem. Founder’s Nodes earn BLET by supporting the ecosystem that games are able to run on. The first game produced for the BLET Games Ecosystem, Town Star, has a reward structure where the top players are rewarded in BLET.
BLET is a non-refundable utility token which will be used as the medium of exchange between participants in the BLET Games ecosystem. The goal of introducing BLET is to provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who interact within the BLET Games ecosystem (for example, payment of digital goods or in-game items), BLET does not in any way represent any shareholding, participation, right, title, or interest in BLET Games, their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking. BLET does not entitle holders to any promise of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not intended to constitute securities. This token was created to be utilized on the BLET Games ecosystem, and ownership of BLET carries no rights, express or implied.
Items held on the Ethereum blockchain can be accessed using a variety of open-source and cryptographically secure wallets and storage mechanisms. The wallet on the BLET website and in the BLET app is an open-source, keyphrase secured, wallet, and once you have created the wallet, only the account owner has access to the funds and items stored within that wallet.
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