Blockearth Platform

Blockearth is a unique universe that can be applied to all BLET GAMES games published by Blockearth using NFT. Blockearth's focus returns to P2E, DeFi and DAO.
The focus of Blockearth will return to P2E, DeFi, and DAO.


We have built this unique "Play-to-Earn" model by combining a variety of traditional games with the blockchain economy. A strong global community based on the nature of social networks and work platforms, with a simplified UI/UX that is accessible to all ages the goal is to build


Blockearth DeFi can utilize various functions such as staking, LP pool, Lending, Farm, NFT Node, etc. by utilizing BLET obtained through various community activities, CEX, DEX, or P2E to utilize Blockearth's unique DeFi function.


We support BLET holders to voluntarily form DAOs to perform Blockearth’s community governance. Blockearth DAO implements a democratic system with 1 vote for 1 BLET. The Blockearth DAO can vote to determine the following issues